We support Musikschule Goldenes Lamm, the DSC women’s volleyball team and other clubs and initiatives

We work in Dresden, we live in Dresden and we offer support in Dresden.

We are highly motivated and happy to be dedicated to sports, social causes and society as a whole. The principle that sharing contributes to a society’s well-being is part of our system of values. Our understanding of what makes true sponsorship goes beyond simply strengthening our brand and acquiring customers. We want to offer targeted support and make a difference!

Various music schools, creative children’s institutions and social education providers are especially happy with that choice.


For many years, we were the only partner supporting the DSC women’s volleyball team.

We continue to actively support the women today, as their outstanding sporting achievements have never failed to impress us.

Musikschule Goldenes Lamm, a project close to our hearts

Sport brings people together through activity; music does so by other means. Supporting Musikschule Lamm is something we feel strongly compelled to do. Today, the music school’s 55 teachers train 900 children, young people and adults. It is heart-warming to see how the children, in particular, treat their instruments; the sounds they coax out of them, and the self-discipline with which they practice.