Active partnership with the Protestant Disability Aid

Training and employment of people with disabilities


Together with the Protestant Disabled People’s Aid Association, a joint project has been created in which people with disabilities are integrated into normal work processes. The field of work includes hand assembly, sawing and joining processes. This gives these employees a perspective in their personal lives. Through the competent support of the supervisors of the handicapped assistance in cooperation with the responsible CooolCase employees, a meaningful cooperation has been created for both sides, which is lived again and again as a partnership.

With this, CooolCase once again shows how important it is for the management team and its employees to assume social responsibility as a company. On the contrary, we are convinced that our employees with disabilities have special potential and skills that are not restricted
humans don’t have. And, being disabled does not automatically mean impaired performance!

Do you have any questions about the cooperation with the Protestant Disability Aid? You are welcome to contact the staff.