Our mission statement as part of our corporate culture

1. CooolCase, a private company

CooolCase GmbH is a company personally managed by the owner and is 100 percent privately owned.

2. the customer at the centre

The customer is the focus of our business activities. Only if our customers are successful can we be successful too.

3. partnership with suppliers

We shape the relationship with our suppliers and service providers in a spirit of partnership and on a long-term basis. In return, we expect them to permanently improve the price-performance ratio, reliability and flexibility.

4. profitability and independence

Our goal is to generate reasonable profits with our activities, which are absolutely necessary to finance corporate growth and investments. With sustainable profitability and the highest possible equity ratio, we want to secure our independence in the long term.

5. Diversifizierung and corporate security

Our company strives for a healthy Diversifikation of its activities in order to realise opportunities and spread risks. Profitable and sustainable products are promoted, nonprofitable areas are abandoned in an orderly manner.

6. innovation

Through innovative processes we ensure the future viability of the company and an established market positioning. We develop innovative products, win new markets and constantly work on timely development.

7. orientation towards Christian values

The shareholder and the management of the company would like to see Christian values such as trust, honesty, credibility and tolerance maintained in the actions of the company.

8. family and private life

We accept the personal life situations of our employees. We protect family life through tolerance and humanity. We help our employees to overcome private challenges.

9. responsibility for the environment

In view of our responsibility for present and future generations, environmental protection is an important corporate task for us. Ecological action and the careful use of raw materials and energy are our commitment.

10. social commitment

We support social clubs and associations and promote social cohesion.

Management culture at CooolCase

  • We value our employees and lead them in a goal-oriented manner.
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  • We formulate clear tasks and objectives to achieve effiziente results
  • .
  • We transfer tasks and responsibilities and check their fulfilment.
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  • We support the creative thinking of our employees to improve our processes.
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  • We demand and promote our employees according to the performance principle.
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  • We promote transparent processes to continuously optimize the quality of production.
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  • We appreciate constructive criticism as a sign of a respectful management culture.
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  • We support the compatibility of the private and beruflichen life plans of our employees.